Thursday, August 28, 2008

Connect to Remote Oracle DB using various SQL Editors

You want to connect to a remote Oracle DB using various SQL Editors but do not have or want to install Oracle DB. How do you do that?
Below is the syntax to connect to remote Oracle DB with various SQL Editors

Some Editors may require Oracle Instant Client. Oracle Instant Client can be found at
Download the Instant Client and unzip it to a directory. Set the library loading path in your environment to that. On Windows, PATH should be used.
To set Environment Variable Right Click on My Computer, goto Advanced Tab -> Environment Variables -> User variables for <user> -> New.
Enter PATH in Variable Name: and <path to Instant Client directory> in Variable value:
Click OK, OK, Apply, OK.

Editors that require Oracle Instant Client
1) TOAD Freeware: Enter <IP address>:<port>/<SID> in Database box.

2) TOAD Licensed:
Option #1. Enter <IP address>:<port>/<SID> in Database box.
Option #2. In Direct tab, enter <IP address> in Host box, <port> in Port box, <SID> in SID box.

3) SQLPlus: Enter connect <username>/<password>@<IP address>:<port>/<SID> at SQL prompt.

Editors that do not require Oracle Instant Client
4) OraCmd: Enter connect <username>/<password>@<IP address>:<port>:<SID>; at OraCmd prompt.

Note: You could also enter Host Name in place of IP Address

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Prevent auto completion of hyphens, asterisks, etc in MSWORD

MSWORD has a default setting, in which if you key in a series of tilde (~), crosshatch (#), asterisk (*), underscore (_), equal sign (=), hyphen (-), they get converted to a respective border automatically as you type. This can be very annoying.

To prevent it, goto Tools->AutoCorrect Options->AutoFormat As You Type, uncheck "Border lines" under "Apply as you type"