Sunday, September 16, 2012

Return policy - Advertisement and real

This is the advertisement run by

Seeing it makes you feel that you could return a product within 30days just because you didn't like it or your weren't satisfied, for a full refund. Feels great, isn't it. Now lets look at their official return policy.

The refund amount will be credited back into your My Myntra account in the form of cashback.
How will I be refunded for the return?
On successful processing refund, the refund amount of item value plus self-shipping reimbursement (if you have shipped your return back yourself) will be credited to your Myntra cashback account. You will be able to use this credit on any of your subsequent purchases on Myntra.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Installing custom ROM in ZTE Blade

How to install  ClockworkMod Recovery v5.0.2.0?
Goto Google Play and Download & Install "Rom Manager"
Open ROM Manager and select "". It will say that you need ClockworkMod Recovery for ROM Manager to run. Select OK. It will ask for the type of phone. Select ZTE BLADE. Select OK. It will install latest ClockworkMod Recovery.

Meaning of terms in ClockworkMod Recovery v5.0.2.0
wipe data/factory reset 
-- Wiping data...
Formatting /data...
Formatting /cache...
Formatting /sd-ext...
No app2sd partition found. Skipping format of /sd-ext.
Formatting /sdcard/.android_secure...
Data wipe complete.

wipe cache partition
-- Wiping cache...

Formatting /cache...
Cache wipe complete.

- advanced
Wipe Dalvik Cache
Dalvik Cache wiped.

- advanced
Wipe Battery Status
Battery Status wiped.

- mounts and storage
format /boot
Formatting /boot...

- mounts and storage
format /cache

Formatting /cache...

- mounts and storage
format /data

Formatting /data...

- mounts and storage
format /sdcard (Formats the whole SD card)

Formatting /sdcard...

- mounts and storage
format /system

Formatting /system...

- mounts and storage
format /sd-ext

Formatting /sd-ext...
No app2sd partition found. Skipping format of /sd-ext.

Boot to ClockworkMod Recovery. Press Vol- button and then press the Power button.
Connect the phone to your computer via USB.
Select -mounts and storage -> - format/sdcard. This will format the whole SD Card.
Select -mounts and storage -> - mount USB storage. This will mount the SD Card as a removable disk in Windows.
Copy & Paste the ROM zip file in the root of the mounted SD Card.
Close the SD Card folder.
Select -Unmount. This will unmount the SD Card as a removable disk from Windows.
Select - install zip from sdcard.
Select - choose zip from sdcard
Select  the zip file
Select -Yes - Install

-- Installing: /sdcard/
Finding update package...
Opening update package...
Installing update...

Install from sdcard complete.

Select -reboot system now

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

DD-WRT Wireless → Basic Settings differences

There are various options in DD-WRT under Wireless → Basic Settings.
They are as follows:
  1. AP (Access Point)
  2. Client
  3. Client Bridge
  4. Repeater
  5. Repeater Bridge
  6. Ad Hoc
Options explained here:

A simulation could be found here

The difference between them can be explained better using images.
AP (Access Point)

Client / Client Bridge

Repeater / Repeater Bridge

Monday, July 2, 2012

C++ Notes

Bitwise shift operators
The bitwise left shift (<<) (A << B) operator shifts A by B bits to the left. Just add B number of zeros to the left of A in binary format.

6 = 000110.
6 << 1 = 001100 = 12
6 << 2 = 011000 =  24

The bitwise right shift (>>) (A >> B) operator shifts A by B bits to the right. Just add B number of zeros to the right of A in binary format. If there is no room to shift to the right, truncate the bits on the right.

6 = 000110.
6 >> 1 = 000011 = 3
6 >> 2 = 000001 = 1 (last 1 is truncated)
6 >> 3 = 000000 = 0 (both 1's are truncated)
6 >> 4 = 000000 = 0 (both 1's are truncated)

Pointer initialized to 0
In C++ a pointer initialized to 0 is equivalent to NULL.
int * ptr = 0;
int * ptr = NULL;
are identical.
But initializing to any number other than zero is illegal.

Uninitialized pointers contain garbage values. Only Static pointers are initialized to NULL automatically by the compiler.

Function declaration place
Functions should always be declared/defined before it's call (from top to bottom). If it's not defined, at least it should be declared before it's call.
You can declare it inside main() as well, but it should be before the call to it, is made.
If it's defined before main, declaring it after the definition or inside main is redundant.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Interview Questions

1. What is the role of index in a database?
2. What is multithreading?
3. How does a server handle multiple parallel requests from several clients?
4. What is a hash table?
4. What is load factor in hash table?
5. What is a singleton (class)?
6. What would happen if you allocate a huge amount of memory and free it repeatedly?
Ans: Data fragmentation
7. What is const cast?
8. What is a binary search tree?
9. How would you traverse a binary search tree?
10. What are datastructures?
11. What are the features of a Object Oriented Programing?
12. What is polymorphism?
13. What is persistent data?
Ans: A transient class is a class whose objects will not be saved on disk between sessions. For an object to be saved (i.e. to exist beyond the end of the curent session), the class must be declared persistent.
14. What is abstraction?
15. What is decomposition?
16. What is a smart pointer?
17. What is a virtual function?
18. What are templates?

Q. You have 2 ropes, "A" & "B" and they both burn in 1 hr. You have a matchbox. How will you determine 45min?
Ans. Burn "A" from both sides, and "B" from one side. "A" will burn completely in 1/2 hr (30 min). As soon as "A" finishes, burn the other end of "B". "B" will now burn completely in 15 min. So you have 45 min.

Q. You have 9 balls, 8 of them are identical and only 1 is heavier than the rest. You have a beam balance. How will you separate the heavier one in the least number of measurements.
Ans. Divide 9 balls in groups of 3 => 3(A), 3(B), 3(C). Weigh two groups, e.g. "A" & "B". If both are same, the heavier is in "C" group. If "B" is heavier, heavier ball is in "B". Take the group containing tthe heavier ball ("B" or "C"). Divide it in groups of 3 => 1(E), 1(F), 1(G). Weigh two groups e.g. "E" & "F".  If both are same "G" is the heavier ball. If "F" is heavier, "F" is the heavier ball and vice versa. So least number of required weightings = 2.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Acronyms for Prices in India

Acronyms for Prices in India

MRP - Maximum Retail Price
MOP - Market Operative Price
SRP -Suggested Reseller Price
MSRP - Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price
DP - Dealer Price
NLC - ?? (Apparently retailers are not supposed to sell below this price.)

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Non 8-channel LPCM SAD EDID Issues

Capture the Real-Time EDID with moninfo.
You should get something like this

and in your audio properties you would get something like this

Notice that the LPCM has "6-channel" in SAD and the "Max Number of Channels:" in audio properties is 6, these both should be 8
Edit the EDID to correct this value.
Install the EDID override
Monitors should be labelled as "Generic PnP Monitor"

You would get something like this

Notice that "Max Number of Channels:" is 8 now.