Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Root Micromax A80

There is no custom ROM for A80 yet. If you just want to root it without backing up anything, here is an easier way to do.
Essentially you use the SP Flash tool to overwrite just the stock recovery image with CWM recovery. Then go to recovery and install uniroot2.signed.zip.
So you will now have the stock Micromax A80 ROM, but rooted and with CWM recovery.

For this you will need
1. USB Drivers. Link -> Drivers.zip
2. SP Flash tool. Link -> SP_Flash_Tool_v2.1121.01.zip
3. Micromax A80 scatter file. Link -> MT6573_Android_scatter.txt
4. CWM recovery image. Link -> recovery.img
5. unitroot2.signed.zip file. Link -> unitroot2.signed.zip

It seems installing USB drivers is the most trickiest part. So try the following in the order it is mentioned below:
1. Unzip Drivers.zip. It will unzip to a folder named "Drivers".
2. Whenever you plug in the USB cable and you are presented with missing drivers dialog, select "Browse my computer for driver software" and then click Browse button and select the Drivers folder obtained from Step#1. It contains all the possible drivers.
If you are not presented with any missing drivers dialog at all, check Device Manager for phone or android related drivers with a question mark or asterisk icon. Right click on it and select "Update Driver" and then carry out as mentioned in Step#2.
3. If the above method fails, plug your phone to PC via USB cable first and then install PdaNet+ for Android. Link -> PdaNet+ for Android
PdaNet+ for Android installs the necessary drivers for the phone automatically.

Rooting Procedure:
1. Create a new folder and put the Scatter file (MT6573_Android_scatter.txt) and recovery image (recovery.img) file in it.

2. Connect your phone to PC and put unitroot2.signed.zip in the root of sdcard.
3. Switch off the phone and connect the microUSB cable to it, but not to the PC yet.
4. Open SP Flash tool

5. Click on "Scatter-loading" button, and browse to the folder where you kept the scatter file and select the Scatter file. Press ok for the pop up.

It would automatically load the recovery image file (since it was in the same folder) and that would be the only one that is checked.

Click "Download". A countdown would start with 14 seconds remaining.
Plug the microusb cable to PC within 14 seconds. As soon as the phone is detected, the countdown will stop and a yellow progress bar will start.

After it has finished, a pop up would appear saying that recovery has been downloaded to phone.

Press OK and then one more pop up with a green circle saying "Download OK" would appear. This means everything is OK.

Close that pop up and close SP Flash tool.

Press the Volume Up button and power button simultaneously. Keep them pressed till you get into CWM recovery.

You will see "CWM_based Recovery v5.0.2.8" with blue letters. Use Volume Up or Down button to scroll down or up. Use Power button to select an option.

1. Select "install zip from sdcard"
2. Select "choose zip from sdcard"
3. Select "unitroot2.signed.zip"
4. Select "Yes - Install unitroot2.signed.zip"

You will see the following
CWM_based Recovery v5.0.2.8

-- Installing: /sdcard/unitroot2.signed.zip
Finding update package...
Opening update package...
Installing update...
...Starting Rooting...
...Copying System Files...
...Installing root...
...Installing busybox...
...Installing Superuser...
...Rooting Complete!...

Install from from sdcard complete.

5. Select "+++++Go Back+++++"
6. Select "reboot system now"

After it reboots, you will have a rooted Micromax A80.