Sunday, January 6, 2008

How To Create Password Protected Rar Archives

Rar files have 128 bit encryption which is extremely difficult to break. There are two types of password protection in rar archives.

Type I - You can open the rar archive and view the contents or individual files, but to extract the individual files you will need the password.
Type II - You cannot open the rar archive without the password, hence cannot even view the contents or individual files without the password.

Here I will show you how to create these two types of rar archives.
Open Winrar and click on Wizard. Select "Create a new archive".

Press "Next".

Select the files to be added to the archive and press "OK".
Give the desired name for the archive

Press "Next".

Now the most important step. Press "Set password".

For Type I rar archive follow the steps below.
For Type II rar archive Tick "Encrypt file names".

Here you can set the password in two ways.
1) Set password will be in asterisks. You cannot see the set password, hence you will need to enter it twice for confirmation.
For this just enter the password you want to set twice.

2) Set password can be seen, hence it needs to be entered only once.
For this Tick "Show password" and enter the password you want to set only once.

Press "OK". You will return to the following window.

Click "Finish". Your password protected rar archive will be created in your Desktop.

Type I rar archive will open. It will show an asterisk just beside the files indicating that it will need password to extract the files.

Type II rar archive will need the password even to open the archive.


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  4. Thanks a lot for this tutorial! It's by far the best one I've seen on the Internet so far. Some tutorials don't go into detail with the different types/ways of setting passwords, hence why yours is the best I've seen. Thanks for sharing!

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