Saturday, February 16, 2008

Easiest way to load songs to your Toshiba Gigabeat Mp3 player

1) The only way to load songs into Gigabeat is either using their crappy Gigaroom software or by synchronizing it with Windows Media Player 10.

2)The Mp3's that are loaded into the Gigabeat are encrypted. So they can't be copied back onto your PC.

These myths make it seem that you just cant use the Gigabeat as a normal Hard Drive, where you could create new folders, browse the Mp3's, delete, copy & paste them to your PC.

Well the fact is, YOU CAN!!

Connect your Gigabeat to your PC through the cradle and use it in Windows Media Player mode and you can do all the above without the use of any software.

1) Connect the power adapter to the cradle
2) Power on the Gigabeat and put it in the cradle. The PC connections settings should be in the "gigabeat room" mode and not in "Windows Media Player 10" mode
3) Connect the usb cable from the cradle to the PC
4) Push the switch from line out to USB in the cradle
5) The PC would install the necessary drivers and wold appear as "GIGABEAT" drive in "My Computer"
6) Open the drive and you can see all the Mp3's intact as Mp3's
7) To delete Mp3's just select the Mp3's and right click and delete
8) To add Mp3' them in your PC and copy (not cut) and paste them to your Gigabeat
9) To create a folder with Mp3's, create that folder and add the Mp3's in your PC first (make subfolders, put more Mp3's and do whatever way you want). Now just copy (not cut) and paste it in the Gigabeat.
10) When everything is done, left click on "Removable Disk" icon and remove it. Unplug the USB cable from your PC.

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