Saturday, June 7, 2008

My Linux Notes

Frequently used commands
cat /proc/asound/modules
cat /proc/asound/cards
aplay -l
chmod a+rwx
rpm -qpil {filename}.rpm
./configure && make
make install
modprobe {modulename}
Untar commands
tar -yxf {filename}.tar.bz2
tar -xvf {filename}.tar
tar -xvzf {filename}.tar.gz
tar -lxvf
tar -jxvf
Program to remove application in Slackware based distros
Program to convert tgz to lzm
Installing and uninstalling a program
sudo apt-get install {programname}
sudo apt-get remove {programname}
sudo apt-get --purge remove {programname}
sudo apt-get autoremove {programname}
Path to firefox
Path to fonts
Grub Install
sudo grub
device (hd3) /dev/sda
root (hd3,0)
setup (hd3)
Realplayer Issue
Embedded Realmedia doesn't work with Firefox. The pop-up player opens and keeps loading for ever, but never starts to play.
Path to Realplayer
Open realplayer executable from 
in text editor and edit the following line
"REALPLAYBIN="/usr/bin/aoss $HELIX_LIBS/realplay.bin"
Then run the command

Choppy audio I am experiencing choppy audio/video or no audio at all. How do i fix this? RealPlayer currently uses OSS to output sound to the speakers from the sound card. ALSA is an alternative that does the same job for applications in a slighty better way. AOSS is a script for OSS emulation through ALSA. You will need to install the RPM for alsa-oss through Yast or from your media if available. Once you've done that, launch RealPlayer using the following syntax

/usr/bin/aoss RealPlayer.

To make this change permanent, open /usr/bin/realplay in your favorite text editor (an example i use is vi)
vi /usr/bin/realplay

Locate the section in the file that has the following line of text:
REALPLAYBIN=$HELIX_LIBS/realplay.bin and replace it with REALPLAYBIN="/usr/bin/aoss $HELIX_LIBS/realplay.bin" Q. How do i uninstall RealPlayer? Uninstalling an RPM RealPlayer installation: To uninstall, run the following command as root: rpm -e RealPlayer Uninstalling a BIN RealPlayer installation: To uninstall, download and run the following script:
The uninstaller script is currently unsupported. Use it at your own risk. No Audio Issue
Scroll using the right arrow key to "External Amplifier". Mute or Unmute using the "M" button in keyboard.

sudo convert -resize 640×480 -colors 14 7samurai1.jpg splashimage.xpm
sudo gzip splashimage.xpm

convert -resize 640×480 -colors 14 wallpaper.png splashimage.xpm && gzip splashimage.xpm

convert -resize 640x480 -colors 14 wallpaper.png splashimage.xpm && gzip splashimage.xpm

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