Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Configure Local Static IP For Your Computer

  1. Open command prompt and type ipconfig /all

  2. Note down the values for the entries, "Default Gateway" & "DNS Servers"
  3. Log onto your Modem/Router's web based configuration page using the Modem/Router's default IP (viz. Default Gateway)
  4. Navigate to the page that says "LAN" and then "DHCP Setup"
  5. Make a note of "IP Pool Starting Address" and "Pool Size"
  6. Goto StartSettingsControl PanelNetwork Connections

  7. Right Click "Local Area Settings" and select "Properties"

  8. Under "General" tab, select "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)" and click "Properties"

  9. Select "Use the following IP address"

  10. Enter an IP address which is in the same subnet (i.e. 198.162.2) but outside the DHCP Range and also not same as the router's ip address (viz. "Default Gateway" in Step #2). DHCP Range = ("IP Pool Starting Address") - ("IP Pool Starting Address" + "Pool Size")
  11. Click on "Subnet mask". It should auto-fill itself. If not enter the value of "Subnet Mask" exactly what you noted in Step #2
  12. Enter the value of "Default gateway" exactly what you noted in step #2
  13. Enter the value of "Preferred DNS server" & "Alternate DNS server" exactly what you noted in step #2. Note: If there is only one value of "DNS Servers" in Step #2 leave "Alternate DNS server" blank
  14. Click OK, then OK.

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