Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Install Rockbox to Ipod Nano

Now you don't need to use any software to transfer audio files to & fro your Ipod Nano. Thanks to the wonderful Rockbox application.
This tutorial show the steps to install Rockbox to a Ipod Nano (1st Generation)

Note: Your Ipod Nano should show up in your computer as a disk drive when you connect it via USB, otherwise you have to troubleshoot that before you begin.

  1. Connect the Ipod Nano in switched off state directly to the computer using USB (not via dock).
  2. Switch on the Ipod Nano. Ipod Nano drive should show up in My Computer or Windows Explorer.
  3. Download "Fat32 Format" GUI from here.
  4. Run "Fat32 Format".
  5. Select the drive of Ipod Nano. Leave "Allocation unit size" to its default value. Type a name under "Volume label". I used the name "IPODNANO". Leave "Quick Format" checked.
  6. Click Start button.
  7. You should now get a nicely formatted Ipod Nano, with nothing in it.
  8. Download Rockbox installation files from here.
  9. Unzip the files to the root of Ipod Nano. Do not create any folders and unzip the files to it.
  10. Download Ipod Patcher here.
  11. Run ipodpatcher.exe
  12. Enter "i" and press "Enter".
  13. After it shows the message "[INFO] Bootloader installed successfully." Press ENTER again to exit ipodpatcher.
  14. Close all open Ipod Nano folders.
  15. Eject Ipod Nano using "Safely Remove Hardware" from the Windows taskbar.
  16. Unplug the USB cable from the computer.
You should now see the Rockbox menu in Ipod Nano. If not yet, then switch off and switch on the Ipod Nano. Enjoy a fully running Ipod Nano. You can now just drag and drop or copy/cut paste audio files to and fro it, just like an external hard drive.

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