Thursday, October 8, 2009

Web Hosting From Home Using Your Own Computer As The Server

  1. DSL/Cable/Dial-Up any form of home internet connection (which by default has dynamic IP)
  2. TOMCAT Server installed on the computer that you wish to make the server (we will call it Computer#1 henceforth)
  3. Account at
  4. A domain name that you would have bought/registered (
Next do the following:-
  1. Configure TOMCAT to use port 80 on Computer#1. (Optional). For details see HERE. Note: If not configured for port 80 or configured it for any other port, see Step #10 HERE
  2. Configure Computer#1 to have local static IP. For details see HERE
  3. Configure your router to port forward 80 from the IP of Computer#1 (Optional)
  4. Change the routers access port from default (80) to any other port (Optional. This step is needed to prevent conflict, to be on safer side)
  5. Add and configure your domain at For details see HERE
  6. Download and install the IP updater client from on Computer#1. Get it from HERE. Use srvany to run it as a Windows service. Get it from HERE
Now you can access your website from outside your network by typing in your browser


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