Friday, October 26, 2007

Copy Image Url or Location in Internet Explorer Right Click Context Menu

Firefox has a nice option to copy the image url/location when you right click on an image. Internet Explorer doesn't have such a neat option. How do you get that in Internet Explorer?

Method 1.
1) Download CopyImageUrl HERE
2) Right click CopyImageUrl.inf and choose Install
3) Restart any running instances of Internet Explorer

Now when you right click on an image in Internet Explorer, you will get the option "Copy Image Url".

Method 2.
1) Download CopyImageLocation HERE
2) Unzip into your desired directory.
3) Run notepad.exe and open file CopyImageLocation.reg
4) Edit path to locate file CopyImageLocation.htm
5) Save and close notepad.
6) Double click CopyImageLocation.reg to import to windows registry.
7) Open new Internet Explorer and test it.


  1. I used your script and it worked. However, it also disabled javascript on IE. And I can't turn it back on. So now I can't publish any blogger posts or play game. I tried turning it back on thru Internet Options: doesn't work. I tried uninstalling IE and reinstalling, but your script keeps going and going. And I tried to find it in uninstall: can't find it. I tried to learn about how to reset the registry: I haven't been able to do it. Please help!

  2. sorry for this duplicate comment but I need to follow up on comments for this post so i know when you respond.

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