Friday, October 26, 2007

Tips to speed up your PC

The first most important factor for a slow PC is all sorts of eye-candy. Remove all and Voila!! your PC runs a hell lot faster.

To do it in Windows XP do the following:-

1) Right click on "My Computer" icon and select "Properties"
2) Goto "Advanced" Tab

3) Under "Performance" click "Settings" button

4) In "Visual Effects" Tab select "Adjust for best performance"
5) Click "Apply", "OK", "OK"

1) Right click on the taskbar and select "Properties"

2) Select "Start Menu" Tab

3) Select "Classic Start Menu"
4) Click "Apply", "OK"

1) Right click an empty space on the desktop and select "Properties"

2) Under "Themes" Tab you will see a drop down list in "Theme". Select "Windows Classic"
3) Click "Apply", "OK"

The second important factor slowing down a PC is useless/unimportant startup programs that load when you start or switch on your PC and keep on running in the background. This also increases your boot-up time.

To remove unnecessary start-up programs in Windows XP do the following:-

1) Click on "Start" button in taskbar and select "Run"
2) Type "msconfig" without quotes.
3) Select "Startup" Tab. You will see the list of programs that load at startup.
4) Deselect/Untick all you don't need.
5) Click "Apply", "OK".

Thirdly, remove all Windows ear-candy (the Windows sounds you get when you shutdown or start your PC or sounds you hear on clicking someting in your Webbrowser etc

To remove it in Windows XP do the following:-

1) Click on "Start" button in taskbar and select "Settings" and then "Control Panel"
2) Double click on "Sounds and Audio Devices"
3) Select "Sounds" Tab.
4) Under "Sound Scheme" drop down list select "No Sounds"
5) Click "Apply". You would get a pop-up asking to save the current sound
configuration. Its upto you to select Yes or No. I don't save it since it is useless. I select "No".
6) Click "OK". Close the Control Panel

Fourthly, remove all crap (temporary internet files & temp files) from your PC

To do it use a nice freeware "CCleaner"

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